Yoga Classes Mt Eden Studio

Beginners' Introductory Yoga Class

Beginners' Review - TWO 90-minute classes

Designed to familiarise new students with the Sivananda programme before joining an Open class.

Beginners' classes introduce you to the:

  • Twelve main asanas that provide a complete workout and exercise regime to strengthen the body and concentrate the mind
  • Two pranayama techniques that energise the body and steady the mind
  • Full relaxation technique to calm and revitalise the body and mind


For your own safety and wellbeing as well as the safety and wellbeing of other students, we ask that all new comers to Sivananda yoga complete a Beginners' class before registering for an Open class. 

Open Yoga Class

The open class follows a prescribed format to extend and deepen your practice.

Open classes introduce you to the variations and extensions of the pranayama techniques and asanas taught in the introductory class. 

Class duration: 90 minutes
Parswa Kakasana - side crow yoga poses
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