Information for your Yoga Class

What to wear
It is best to wear something comfortable such as track pants and a t-shirt that allow for unhindered movement. Bring something warm, like a jersey and socks, to wear for the final relaxation.

What to bring
Bring a yoga mat.

Before Class
Avoid eating at least 90 minutes before class. 

Costs and Payment
Beginners' Review costs $30 (gst incl) for TWO 90-minute classes
Open class costs $70 for a five-week programme of 90-minute classes. 
Zoom Open class cost $10 per class.

To enrol on any of our courses, all you need do is click on "register".

Payment for all scheduled classes can be made via internet banking. We will send you payment details when you book your place.

Prepayment is required to confirm your place on a course.

No refunds are available should you miss one or more classes. However, you can move between classes - if there are free spaces available - to make up for a class missed during the week. But, please, contact us first to check if there are free spaces in any of the other classes. It is in your best interests - both physically and mentally - to ensure you can commit the time to completing all the classes that you have paid for. 

Cancellation of Classes
If a class is cancelled, we will notify you of the cancellation either by email or text at least 24 hours before the scheduled class and offer you an additional class.
Eka pada Chakrasana - wheel yoga pose on one leg
Yoga class information