Yoga Siromani Mt Eden Auckland New Zealand

Our yoga classes are taught by qualified Sivananda yoga teachers and are designed to help you maintain a healthy body and calm mind. We offer you a structured and comprehensive yoga programme which tones the body, develops flexibility and strength and promotes a sense of calmness and wellbeing.

Once the basics are mastered, this programme allows you to maintain your own independent exercise regime. This yoga is suitable for people from 13 years of age and up who have a moderate level of fitness. We welcome those who are new to yoga and those who want to try another style of yoga.

Our classes are held at our yoga studio in Landscape Road, Mt Eden. The Open yoga classes are 90 minutes long. The Introductory classes are taught in over two consecutive Mondays and each class is 90 minutes.

We also offer virtual Open classes via the Zoom platform for those who cannot attend our studio classes.

Yoga Siromani is based on the yoga practices and philosophy of Swami Sivananda. He termed this form of yoga the “yoga of synthesis” because it combined all yoga paths into one. The essence of this form of yoga is summarised in his mantra: “Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate and Realise”.

Sirshasana - headstand yoga pose
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